Canadians wish success in developing a new method of oil sands processing.

Oil sands are a gift from God to the people of the country where their deposits are located. It’s profitable or not profitable; in any case, it’s not necessary to abandon the development of new methods for obtaining oil products from oil sands. Considering that the prices of some petroleum products, especially gasoline, are decreasing, gasoline extraction from oil sands is not a profitable business. Due to its state, more valuable petroleum products can be obtained from oil sands than gasoline fuels — various oils and additives. Canada has a country wide wealthy enough to allow it to develop new ways of processing oil sand deposits. The company “Proksinfo” will make every effort to develop a new method of processing oil sands. The company “Proksinfo” is a small company, but we will try to concentrate all our scientific potential on the development of a new method for the processing of oil sands. Together with business partners, we are ready to carry out all the work to study a new method of oil sands processing. The company “Proksinfo” is ready to accept any proposals from our future business partners. It is necessary to think about the development of a new method for processing oil sands, so that the oil sands fields bring the same profit, as net oil, for to many Arab countries.

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