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If you want to be confident in the future

and the well-being, is developing the research and development of new processes to improve the environmental situation in the environment and the competitiveness of the industrial production.

Serhii P. Prokopchuk.

Only a complete blend of scientific development

and material support enables the successful development of the progress of humanity.

Serhii P. Prokopchuk.

In promoting the development of scientific

research you save more than one person, or even a thousand people, and millions of people from the expected problems

Serhii P. Prokopchuk.

The company “Proksinfo” engaged in scientific research and development of new chemical processes.

Such activities require significant intellectual, material and financial costs. The combination of scientific and material costs spiral good development of the business.

Therefore, we are interested in cooperation with both the academic staff and businessmen to work together on the development of new technological processes.

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With some of our developments and the anticipated direction of the development of scientific research can be found on this website.