The need for new polymers.

At one time, people received for use very valuable materials, polymers. Over time, the amount of polymeric materials used increased to such an amount, those waste polymeric materials which led to significant environmental pollution. It is very good that many companies allocate $ 1.5 billion to clean the environment from waste polymeric materials. However, this does not solve the problem of recycling polymeric materials. Receiving from polymers waste other polymeric materials is not their utilization, as over time it will be necessary to utilization other polymeric materials. Currently, one of the main methods of disposal of waste polymeric materials is burning them. The simple process of burning waste from polymeric materials leads to significant environmental pollution, mainly air. The specialized process of burning polymer waste requires significant energy costs, as it requires the burning of substances that are formed in the process of burning polymer waste. Therefore, today it is necessary to think about obtaining new types of polymers that can be utilization in a natural, way due to their destruction by microorganisms. This is a big job for both chemists and biologists. Chemists need to synthesize or obtain such polymers. Biologists need to find such microorganisms that can have destroyed new polymeric materials. This work will not bring much profit. However, it will bring great thanks to our descendants, as it will help them to maintain the ecological situation in the environment.

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