The possibility, of using natural gas for organic synthesis.

Natural gas is a valuable energy product. It is used as a source of heat energy. It is also desirable to use natural gas as a raw material for organic synthesis. Basically, natural gas consists of methane. The most acceptable process of its processing is oxidation. The oxidation of methane occurs at high temperature and high speed of chemical reactions. In connection with this process is very difficult to manage. In the 80s of the 20th century, an attempt was made to develop a new methane oxidation process. However, this attempt was unsuccessful. The primary products oxidation of methane is methanol and formaldehyde. These compounds can be used as raw materials in organic synthesis. At present, in industry, there is no good methane processing. Therefore, the development of such a process is an urgent task. The development of a new methane oxidation process can make a significant impact on the development of all organic synthesis. The company “Proksinfo”, together with partners, can take part in the development of this process.

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