Packing of the carcass meat by polymer film obtained on the basis of new modified polyvinylacetate.

A new method of the carcass meat packing which makes if possible to improve it’s storage in transit and its keeping. The carcass meat packing is carried out in the following way. After the animals cutting(bull-calves, sheep, pigs, etc.) the warmed up peroxycontaining polyvinylacetate is applied on the surface of the carcass meat. After this the carcass meat is kept during certain time at the temperature of 30-80°C to form durable polymer film on its surface. It is recommended to use peroxycontaining polyvinylacetate as polymer because it is cheap and it is not toxic polymer and it forms durable polymer film on the process of warming up. Besides, in the process of the polymer film applying on the surface of the carcass meat is sterilized by the warmed up polyvinylacetate and by the vapors of the vinylacetate, polymer contains small quantity of it. The formed polymer film prevents the meat contact with the air oxygen, thereby preventing its decomposition and contributes to the meat sterilization in transit and its keeping. The carcass meat covered by the polymer film can be stored at high temperatures during certain time(0-20°C). Polyvinylacetate and vinylacetate are not taxis substances that is why they do not affect the meat quality and its properties. At present the development of such process of the carcass meat packing and manufacturing of the modified peroxycontaining polyvinylacetate is at the development stage. That is why our film is looking for the interesting business partners for joint mastering this method of the carcass meat packing.

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