The prospect of obtaining a new method of oil extraction from oil sands.

The number of oil sands deposits is commensurate with the amount deposits of pure oil. Currently, it is not very profitable to extract oil from oil sands, since the cost price of oil extracted from oil sands is higher, than its cost in the extraction of pure oil from the field. Given the large number of small and large oil sands deposits in the bowels of the earth, it is important to develop a new method of extracting oil from oil sand. There are various ways to extract oil from oil sands. The essence of these methods is to separate oil from oil sands in the bowels of the earth and extract it to the surface. In the depths of the earth, the separation of oil from mineral rock, sand, is carried out by heating the oil sands to of various temperatures and using a variety of solvents, mainly water. Each of the methods has advantages and disadvantages.
In general, existing methods require considerable energy costs for oil extraction from oil sands, since it is necessary to heat a large amount of oil sand. Significantly worsen the environmental situation in the environment, as using these methods of oil production, a significant amount of dirty water and carbon oxides are emitted into the environment. In addition, these methods allow obtaining oil only from a limited amount of oil sand located in its deposit. With the existing methods of extracting oil from oil sand, during the dissolution or displacement of oil, sand is displaced, which limits access to a large amount of oil sand. With high heating of the oil sand bed, its stuffing blockage occurs due to the coking of oil in the oil sand bed. We are not talking about gas jams, which will limit the extraction of oil. When the oil is heated up, gaseous organic substances will necessarily form. In this case, the oil sands deposit is not fully used. In this regard, the existing methods are not very promising.
Given the large reserves of oil sands deposits in the bowels of the earth, an urgent task is to develop a new way oil production from oil sands.
The company “Proksinfo” wants to contribute to the development of new processes of oil extraction from oil sands.
We propose to extract oil sands by a career or mine method. Deliver him to the plant, which is located near the oil sands deposits. The plant consists of a certain number of special furnaces and cooling systems and the collection of hydrocarbon fractions. In special furnaces, gradual high-temperature oxidation treatment of oil sands occurs. In this case, partial decomposition of complex organic compounds takes place to form gaseous lighter compounds. The gaseous hydrocarbon compounds are cooled and form various hydrocarbon fractions. The gradual increase in the heating temperature of oil sands makes it possible to separate water from petroleum products and to obtain various fractions of hydrocarbon raw materials. From special ovens comes sand with residues of organic compounds, which can be used in road construction or for building materials. If necessary, can take the dirty sand to the site of its extraction.
Thus, this method includes the following processes: oil production, its cracking and rectification. In the end, we get from oil sands not oil, but more valuable products – different hydrocarbon fractions.
This method of extracting petroleum from oil sands is less energy-consuming, requiring less energy; since a small amount of oil sand is heated and light gaseous hydrocarbons forming during decomposition of oil can be used to heat oil sands. There are more environmental friendly, since it does not use water and releases into the atmosphere less hydrocarbon oxides. Allows to completely processing all the oil sand, which is located in its deposits. This is of great importance for the conservation of oil sand resources.
This method can be effectively used in places where great attention is paid to the ecology of the environment, where there are limited water supplies and for small oil sands deposits.
To do this, it is necessary to find interested companies or a businessman to jointly implement this method. Interested businessmen please contact the company “Proksinfo” by e-mail:

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