A new method of oil extraction from oil sands.

The company “Proksinfo» propose to extract oil sands by a career or mine method. Deliver him to the plant, which is located near the oil sands deposits. The plant consists of a certain number of special furnaces, cooling systems and the collection of hydrocarbon fractions. In special furnaces, gradual high-temperature oxidation treatment of oil sands occurs. The gradual increase in the heating temperature of oil sands makes it possible to separate water from petroleum products and to obtain various fractions of hydrocarbon raw materials. From special furnaces comes sand with residues of organic compounds, which can be used in road construction or for building materials.
Thus, this method includes the following processes: oil production, its cracking and rectification. In the end, we get from oil sands not oil, but more valuable products – different hydrocarbon fractions.
This method can be effectively used in places where great attention is paid to the ecology of the environment, where there are limited water supplies and for small oil sands deposits.
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